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Becoming Unstoppable is our debut book and we’re so excited to share it with you all. We still can’t believe this is real. #INSANITY


Writing this book has truly been a labor of love, one that has taken us almost 2 years to produce. It’s our coming-of-age memoir, the untold story of how two twin sisters from a small town in Central Java made their marks in the world of fashion in a booming digital era and also television on the screen of E! Asia.


Discover a side of our lives that has never been revealed, until now. We recall the moments that have played pivotal roles in shaping who we are today. In the book, we weave stories about identity, our complicated and often tumultuous teenage years, overcoming bullies, conquering self-doubt, unpleasant encounters with depression, and learning that failures are blessings too. It is a story that anyone who’s ever been at a low point in their life or career will definitely relate to.


Unstoppable itself is a word that means impossible to stop or prevent. It is a spirit or mindset that anyone can have–including you. Becoming Unstoppable is ultimately a tale about perseverance, finding your voice, and the importance of trusting your journey even when you don’t understand. Life is one huge surprise, with a plethora of ups and downs, twists and turns, but it is up to you to keep going. The title implies that everything requires a process, nothing is instant, and the process itself will allow you to become impossible to stop.  


We wish to tell the story of the mountain we climbed. In doing so, perhaps our words can become a page in someone else’s survival guide.  


You can pre-order your book here! We are beyond appreciative of everyone’s support and for those of you who have already purchased the book; a million times thank you!! 



Pre-order period: August 7 – 17 2018.

With your pre-order, you will receive the special edition hard copy, personally signed by us that will also include a special thank you letter! 

Becoming Unstoppable will be available in bookstores September 17th 2018.

International shipping is also available!