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A little more than two years ago, Elizabeth and I toyed with the crazy idea of writing a book.  This idea was actually inspired by a personal blog post we had written about regarding our days in junior and senior high school. The days we painfully dealt with bullying and depression. We poured our struggles and hearts out into that post never expecting such positive feedback from you, our readers. You had connected with us on a whole new other level – with the realest and lowest points of our lives. We will forever be thankful to our readers for igniting in us this idea to share our story and journey on a completely different scale. 


If you can believe it, the same week we toyed with the idea of writing a book, I was contacted by Gramedia to set up a meeting. In that first and fateful meeting, they offered Elizabeth and I a book deal. If that isn’t fate or God’s glorious perfect timing, I don’t know what is! And now, here we are after two long years filled with endless ups and downs, challenges, arguments, blood, sweat, and (literal) tears, we can say that we are published authors! Ahhh that still sounds so UNREAL. Becoming Unstoppable is now sold in Gramedia stores nation wide & also online on! #CRAY


Anyways, with launching a book subsequently comes a book launching event of course. And just like writing a book, planning a successful  book launching event is no easy task! We had three months to plan with a huge help from our Head of Marketing for Becoming Unstoppable, our good friend, Taufik! And you guys have no idea how elated and happy we were when the big day finally came. Happy and relieved that all this stressful planning was ultimately nearing to an end but on the other hand, extremely nervous about the outcome of the event itself. In other words, a mix of so many emotions. 


In the end, the launch event exceeded all our expectations. It was an afternoon soiree held at the lovely Plataran Menteng where our guests mingled and enjoyed delicious traditional delicacies. We invited 70 of our closest colleagues in the fashion and beauty industry, friends, family and members of the media (including E! Asia! :D). The venue was beautifully adorned with floral decorations by Scarlet and Wild, heavenly scented candles from Kencana Candle,  plus a floral photo corner by Pisilia Decor. We wanted the event itself to be simple and enjoyable where guests arrive to mingle and relax followed by a talkshow MCed by the amazing Caroline Soerachmat that focused on what the book is all about. 


The talkshow was really what we were nervous about. Just normal jitters as you know, casually talking about a book you’ve worked so hard to write in front of a huge crowd with cameras and handphones set on play. No big deal. Pheww, thank God it went smoothly, thanks to Caroline who made everything easier for us by being her calm and collected self. As we were nearing the end of the talkshow, Caroline mentioned how the book is dedicated to our parents and how unfortunately they were not able to attend the event (as they live in Bali, for those of you who don’t know) and asked us to share what we would say to them had they been there. After sharing our thoughts, we were met with the biggest surprise of the day….


Our parents suddenly came out out of nowhere!  Our Mom was bawling as she made her way to the front of the stage followed by our Dad bearing flowers. OMG *cue the tears*. There was literally not a dry eye in that room. Of course they came! It was the most beautiful surprise, making an already special day SO much more so! Taufik and our younger sister, Agnes, planned the entire thing! We couldn’t have asked for a better ending to such a huge milestone for us. At the end of day, we felt so blessed and grateful to have such amazing support from our family and friends. Without a doubt, Becoming Unstoppable wouldn’t have been possible without them. :) 









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