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Osaka, Japan



It was one of those rainy, gloomy AF days in Osaka. We had the option of staying in our Airbnb all day, but really disliked the idea of wasting an entire day doing nothing. So we went online and searched for cozy cafes in the area. We hunted for cafes…but what we came across was even better. There was a famous bookstore at Hirakata-shi called T-Site (Tsutaya Books) that had our names written all over it. 


Hopped on the train and 50 minutes later I stepped into this bookstore (with eyes bulged and jaw dropped) and breathed in that marvellous combination of paper and magic. I could barely contain myself!! Can you blame me though? It was like that scene in Beauty and the Beast when Belle walks into the palace library for the first time and becomes so happy she totally forgets that she’s a prisoner held captive. :) And just like Belle’s library, T-Site’s walls are entirely covered with incredible floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and of course becomes my new #homelibrarygoals inspo. If I lived in Osaka I would have all my meetings and do all my writing here. Why don’t we have a place like this back home??!! 


A bookstore is the place I go to when I’m unhappy, downhearted or just need a little encouragement. I’ve always known books to be an amazing source of inspiration and enlightenment. And when it’s raining out like it was that day? Best place to get lost in! (Please note that most of the books in the store are in Japanese but there is a small selection of books written in English)


We soon discovered that T-Site is so much more than just a bookstore. It’s actually more like a mall — with 6 floors containing restaurants, cafes (including two Starbucks), a couple of bakeries, an electric store, and even an area to shop a variety of clothes, bags, accessories, and all sort of knick-knacks. You can do what we did: Buy coffee and snacks from one of the cafes in the building then lounge in the sitting area provided at the bookstore. So incredibly nice. And for all the parents out there reading this: The fifth floor is a super kid-friendly place where you can find wooden toys, children’s books, children’s clothes, a photo studio, and also an adventure attraction. It really is a fantastic place to bring the whole family. 


T-Site stores are both nationally and internationally recognised for their impeccable design. We’re so happy we stumbled upon this place and really can’t wait to check out the other T-Site stores located throughout Japan!  



Address: Japan, 〒573-0032 Osaka Prefecture, Hirakata, Okahigashicho, 12−2 

Located just opposite of the Keihan Hirakatashi Station.

Phone: +81 72-844-9000