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Cappadocia, Turkey

One of our biggest bucket list dreams came true when we traveled to the region of Cappadocia with Indah Tour! We stepped into another world in South Central Turkey, Southeast of Angkara, famous for it’s moon-like landscapes also known as fairy chimneys – unique rock formations formed by intense volcanic activity and erosion. People in the fourth century would carve out houses, caves, underground tunnels, religious chapels, and even underground cities hundreds of feet deep out of these soft volcanic rock. Literally a hidden kingdom. Super cool!

Speaking of which, we experienced the ultimate level of cool and magical when we went on a hot air balloon ride overlooking this stunning region. It was one of the most incredible travel experiences we’ve been through, ever! I mean, have you really travelled to Cappadocia if you haven’t been on a hot air balloon? The simple answer – NO.  It can be expensive, but it is worth every single penny.

We took off right as the sun was rising and the astonishing sights we saw and the feelings of utter exhilaration and awe when up in the air left us absolutely breathless. There are no words to express its beauty, period. As a traveler, you yearn for moments that will make you view the world differently and that in a way will change you. This was one of those incredible moments.

Also, don’t underestimate traveling here in the winter. It can be freezing cold at times, but it may be worth it as most of the tourist attractions and destinations weren’t as crowded as they would be come summer time. It was nice walking around down town feeling like we had the place all to ourselves. Plus, hotel rates are much cheaper this time of year!

Speaking of winter, warming up indoors with a hot cup of Turkish apple tea while carpet shopping in one of Cappadocia’s many gorgeous carpet shops is another experience you cannot miss! First of all, Turkey is world famous for being the land of colorful handmade carpets and rugs. We were dazzled by the wall to wall carpets adorned by unique patterns and striking colors. Even if you don’t intend on buying a carpet, take the time to truly admire the work of art that lays before you (plus take a photo or two!).

Now, going back to that hot cup of Turkish apple tea. It was the first time I had a cup of this deliciousness and for the entirety of my trip, I proceeded to have two every day! I suppose I would describe it as hot apple juice but with a slight spice added to it. As a tea person myself, I was thrilled to find out that the tea culture in Turkey is very strong. Turkish apple tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner, please! And it was absolutely perfect paired with traditional bread after braving the cold weather.

Other locations recommended to visit:

  • Pigeon Valley: This is where the famous evil eye tree is! I love the concept behind the evil eye – it’s a famous Turkish symbol/charm that keeps away bad vibes and negative energy. The idea is that all the negative energy will go directly to the evil eye bringing good fortune and protection to the wearer. So cool!
  • Galerie Ikman: a carpet shop like you’ve never seen before! Amazing place to shop for traditional Turkish carpets as well as take some stunning Instagram shots. However, be prepared to pay around USD 12 if you want to take pictures around this place for around 30 minutes.

Cappadocia was truly another world and these photos really do not do it any justice. We cannot thank Indah Tour enough for arranging all our travel plans for this trip and would highly recommend their tour to anyone! You truly have to experience Cappadocia for yourself. If it’s not on your bucket list already, what are you waiting for?!