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DR. SHARE X STELLA RISSA: Fashion for Good

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Jakarta, Indonesia



Maria and I have immediate access to healthcare. Millions of people across Indonesia, don’t. 


With a geographical composition of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia faces a unique challenge – unequal distribution of infrastructure. The following two problems have proved to be an alarming issue as population-count increases: The absence of medical infrastructures and staffs & the imbalance of expertise in city and remote island regions. 

DoctorSHARE, a non-profit organisation that provides medical services, innovated a solution to tackle this problem by establishing the floating hospital system in 2014 to reach the poor and isolated. All around Indonesia’s remote-islands, the team has since provided: 500+ successful major operations, 800+ minor operations & 15,000+ medical treatments. 
This remarkable organisation has teamed up with Indonesian designer, Stella Rissa, to create two heartfelt limited edition shawls. 100% of sales go to the building of DoctorSHARE’s 3rd floating hospital barge.
The design of the shawl that I am wearing was inspired by the story of Susanti, a young girl who barely survived a gruelling 3-day boat ride to get to the nearest medical help. Stella Rissa painted Maluku to depict the myriad islands of Maluku Indonesia. 
The black line crossing through the colourful islands represent the assistance and support that doctorSHARE hopes to make with the presence of doctorSHARE’s 3rd floating hospital, also knows as RSA Nusa Waluya II (Healthy Island). 
Moreover, for the shawl Maria is sporting, Stella Rissa was inspired by the passion of DoctorSHARE’s volunteers and painted hati, or heart.  Best said my Mother Theresa, “It is not how much you give, but how much love we put into giving.” With a dash of pink and violet, Stella Rissa hopes that you too, will open your hearts to help and tackle health disparity in Maluku Indonesia. 
Be a part of this movement and spread the news, or better yet, purchase your shawl here today. You can also contact Studio Stella Rissa at +62878-8506-7772.
By doing so, you will directly be involved in building something that will mean so much to so many. With this purchase, you’ll be reaching millions of Indonesia’s poorest and most unreached.
Accessible health and care shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s a necessity and a fundamental human right.