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As twins, we’ve always spent October 4th together. This is the first time EVER that Maria and I are celebrating our birthdays apart. Funny to think that we are now currently on two different ends of the Earth—I in the US, Maria home in Indonesia. And although it feels strange in a way to not be with the one human being whom you’ve spent the other 24 birthdays with, it’s also exciting and ultimately, inevitable. 


Because of course, there’s always a first for everything. 


And that’s kind of the point of life. Each day brings a new opportunity to experience something different, unfamiliar, out of the ordinary.


My wish this year is for both of us to continue to use each day to do just that. To keep pushing the boundaries, paving our own road, braving the unknown, and making our own rules along the way. 


With that said, here’s a massive toast to whatever magic 25 has to offer. I have a feeling you’ll be spectacular. 





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