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HELLO, 2019!

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We know we say this every single year, but it’s true; 2018 literally flew by like a blink of an eye! And what a year it has been! We can honestly say that 2018 was the busiest and most challenging year for us – career and work wise. Such a huge year of lessons; it has reiterated the importance of being afraid and doing it anyway. In other words, don’t ever let your fears get in the way of what you want. More of this in 2019, please!

A new year has arrived and we hope everyone had a fabulous time ringing in 2019! It’s that time of year again for self-reflection, exploration, new goals, new resolutions, and new opportunities. We would love to hear about some of yours! Do tell us.

Here are several of our personal resolutions this year:

  • Say ‘yes’ to more adventures. Last year, 95% of our travels were for work. This year, we want to explore, be more adventurous, and dedicate time to truly enjoy traveling for our own leisure!
  • Live more in the moment and embrace change. We are such huge planners as we love to be 100% prepared for any given event. We hope that this year we learn to be more embracing of the unknown and learn to enjoy changes and spontaneous moments!
  • Find inner peace. Taking time away from work + all the stress that comes with it and have a break once in a while (that also means taking a social media detox for a brief period of time). Enjoy nature. Start a journal. Meditate. Surround ourselves with positive energy, with people we love who support and motivate us. Yes to self-care!!

There’s no better place to find peace and rejuvenation for the new year than in Bali. Bali is home for us and whenever we wish to distress, it never let’s us down. This year, we opted for a very quiet celebration with our family. With nothing on the agenda but eating, swimming, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, it was the perfect start to the new year.  

Bring it on, 2019!