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Fresh from a relative’s wedding in Boyolali, Eastern Central Java, and a two-hour drive to Jogja, I decided to enjoy the most out of my limited time in the city of such rich history and culture. I’ve always stayed with family who live in Jogja and I thought a little staycation together would be great for spending quality time.


From the minute we stepped into the Royal Ambarrukmo – in the heart of the city’s numerous attractions, every effort from the hotel staff and services made us feel at home and comfortable straight away. And as we stepped into our Junior Suite, a haven of rest and relaxation awaited! You can make sure that we took advantage of the 5-star hotel’s services and recreational facilites including 24-hour room service, outdoor pool, sauna, golf course, fitness center and spa.



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Speaking of the spa, one of my favorite areas of the hotel has to be the Nurkadhatyan Spa. The authentic traditional exterior was very soothing and calming even before I began my spa session! It is home to an authentic royal Javanese ritual spa tradition that I had the pleasure of trying. Using only natural and traditional ingredients, this particular royal Javanese ritual took me through a soothing journey only a member of the Royal Family would experience!



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What makes this hotel unique is that the sprawling grounds and gardens of Ambarrkmo itself are sprinkled with history every turn you make. After all, it is part of the heritage site of Kedaton Ambarrukmo, which used to function as a meeting venue for the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies as well as a resort for the Royal Family. Today it has been revitalised as an integrated tourism destination. This includes the hotel itself, a heritage museum (Museum Ambarrukmo) and a shopping mall (Plaza Ambarrukmo). Museum Ambarrukmo used to be the official residence of the Late Sri Sultan HamengkuBuwono VII in the early 19th Century.


Walking through the site, what used to be the Sultan’s rooms, dining area, and bathing pool (Bale Kambing) was such a historical treat! It was great to be taken back in history and to know that no matter how modern this hotel becomes, they will always have a part of history with them to be proud of.



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It was a short but very sweet 2-night stay here. I will remember the friendly smiles of the staff (no one can beat the superb quality of Javanese service) and the way they so warmly welcomed my family and I. I will also remember how they surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and delicious cake, days before my birthday! How sweet right??





All in all, it’s about giving an experience to guests that they can cherish and look back on with a warm smile. And they did just that.