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Hitachi Seaside Park is a little patch of heaven on Earth. A public park/flower garden located in Hitachinaka Ibaraki, Japan (just two hours from Tokyo), it is truly a sight to behold.


It was our friend Mizuki who had the wonderful idea to visit the park. It was actually through him that we first heard about it. And with the few days of free time we had in Tokyo, we were able to rent a car and make the road trip to Hitachinaka Ibaraki. Because we left early (6.30AM) we were able to beat traffic and got there in 1.5 hours. If you’re not up for renting a car, taking the train is also an option.


Upon entering the park, you’re given a site map where you’ll be able to see exactly where everything is located. This will come in really handy as the grounds are absolutely massive! It’s 350 hectares in total, 200 hectares of which are open to the public. That’s 7 times bigger than Yoyogi park! Since it’s so large, please make sure to: 1. Wear comfy walking shoes and 2. Have plenty of time to truly soak everything in and visit every part of the park. You’ll regret it if you don’t! In addition to the beautiful flowers, there’s also an amusement park, cycling and BMX tracks, a forest athletics field, and many cute cafes and restaurants. Don’t forget to try the Blue Curry! It’s a specialty only available in the spring. This place is definitely an amazing site to spend with the whole family, a group of friends, and I even recommend it for a super romantic date destination. :) 


During our visit we witnessed the star attraction—a jaw dropping 4.5 million blue Nemophilas in full bloom. Hills and hills covered in a blanket of baby blue, stretching as far as the eye can see. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. At first glimpse, I litteraly stopped in my tracks. You’ll find yourself doing this a lot at Hitachi Seaside Park. As well as the Nemophilas, we saw 1 million daffodils, 250,000 tulips, 80,000 rape blossoms, and luckily caught a couple cherry blossom trees. Please note that the variety of flowers depend on the season. The flowers that bloom in the spring will be different to the ones that bloom in the fall. Please check the calendar I’ve listed below. 


The next time you’re in Tokyo, PLEASE make a visit to this park. Do yourself a favour and put it on your TO-DO and TO-VIST lists right this second. It’s SO worth the 2-hour trip. We had a marvellous time and truly can’t wait to pop in during the fall.



Entrance Fee: 300 Yen

Opening Hours: Usually every day 9.30AM – 5PM

To see the complete flower calendar please click here 






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Photos taken by: several taken by Mizuki