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Being home does good for a person’s soul. Just being out of the polluted and crowded city is good for our souls to be honest! This past week was no exception. Elizabeth and I always look forward to a bit of time out from our busy schedules when we can come home to see family and have a bit of R&R.


We don’t take for granted that we can call Bali home. With it’s luscious scenery, beautiful weather, and laid back environment, what’s not to love? Plus, going home to our mother’s home cooking is everything! But that’s for a different post. This one is dedicated to our love of the island and it’s rich natural beauty. Amongst the places we visited this week were the Tegenungan Waterfall in Gianyar and The Standing Stones property also located in Gianyar. Btw, both places within a 20 minute drive from our home in Batubulan! 


A bit about the waterfall. We visited around 10 am on a weekday and it wasn’t too crowded when we first arrived. 5 – 10 minutes after our arrival, a wave of tourists came crashing the site. It definitely pays to go earlier in the morning. The earlier, the better! Around 7 am I would say is early enough to have the site all to yourself. I remember being with Elizabeth and our mother and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the waterfall, enjoying nature, when we noticed that one of the local tourists there (a couple) was eating a snack. Once they were finished with their snack, they threw the plastic trash unto the ground – so matter of factly – and continued chatting on as if it was the most harmless thing in the world.


We saw this and it upset us tremendously. It’s a very simple act, but one that has such negative effects to our natural sites. It’s unfortunate to realize that in today’s society, there are people out there that still throw away trash anywhere they please and think that there are no consequences to those acts. This mindset is so detrimental in preserving nature. If we don’t take care of our surroundings and environment, who will? Please act responsibly, and if you see someone who does something similar to what we saw, ask them nicely to pick up their trash and throw it in a nearby bin/trash can. That’s exactly what our mother did. She went up to the couple and asked them to throw their trash away! Or if they won’t do it, simply pick the trash up yourself and do something good for our environment. :) Alright, end of my rant.


Anyways, this week reminded us that we still have so much beauty to discover in Bali. We can’t wait. 



        Written by: Maria