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Like we said in our previous post, Kyoto is a welcome change to Japan’s hectic and fast paced city vibes. It screams peace and quiet. You just want to walk outside the entire day and enjoy the natural beauty Kyoto has to offer. That’s exactly what we did. After our visit to the stunning Arashiyama Bamboo forest, we searched online for idyllic cafes or coffee shops to enjoy on that beautiful summer day and this one caught my attention – Wife and Husband. 


Such a cute name right? We saw pictures online of the quaint exterior of the coffee shop and also how you can enjoy it in the park by the Kamo river and we were sold. We had to find out for ourselves! The shop is a 4 minute walk from Kitaoji Station on the Kyoto City Subway or a 3 minute walk from Karasuma-Kitaoji bus stop on the Kyoto City bus. We found it using Google maps in a quiet residential area on a narrow and small road. Upon approaching the coffee shop, the first thing we noticed is all the hanging benches, stools, tables, hats, and picnic baskets outside the shop. At first we thought they were selling these items, but we realized that customers who prefer to have their coffee in the park by the Kamo river nearby can actually rent them out and use them for a picnic. How cool!


The next thing we noticed was a sign on the door saying they close at 5 pm. It was 4:55 pm when we arrived. Ugh, such bad timing! (note to self: next time please double check when restos/cafes close) We went inside anyways to check out the super cute interior. It felt like we were inside a tiny Bavarian cottage with antique furniture, the vibe was very rustic and homey. The owners welcomed us with smiles and seated us. We’re pretty sure they were the wife and husband that the cafe is named after. After a little research, Mr. And Mrs. Yoshida are the couple that run this shop together. *Sighhh


Even though the shop was going to close in several minutes, they let us take pictures inside and ask a little bit about the shop and where customers liked to enjoy their coffee in the nearby park. I mean, with or without our coffee, nothing was going to stop us from enjoying the park on that beautiful afternoon. The park along the Kamo river is literally across the street from their shop, a 2 minute walk tops. There were many patches of grass sprinkled with white small flowers. We picked a spot and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. It was the perfect place to spend our last hours in Kyoto. Mental note: Next time we MUST have some coffee and snacks from Wife & Husband and have a real idyllic picnic here! 



Address: 106-6 Koyama Shimouchikawara-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto

Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm / 7 days a week unless otherwise indicated, please check their website