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Provence, France


I am always amazed and beyond grateful that at times my job requires me to travel the world to exotic, beautiful and foreign places. This time, to a place I had only dreamed of with a brand quite well known in Indonesia … Lux


This past June, I packed my bags and traveled to Provence, South of France for their annual Lux Fragrance Summit 2017! It was an absolutely wonderful trip filled with endless discovery of the world of tentalizing fragrances through various activities that both educated and inspired. In addition, there were many other global representatives that I had the pleasure to experience it with. From Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Dubai and Thailand  just to name a few, it was great for me to meet inspirational figures doing such great things in their native countries. 


It was a four-day summit and each day there was something new to learn and experience about the delightful world of fragrance. We had a session with Master Perfumer, Calice Becker who is the creator of top brand perfumes including Tommy Hilfiger’s The Girl and Lux’s best selling Lux Soft Touch. We also had a beauty session with beauty expert Aurelie Deltour who showed us how different flowers and their fragrances represent different personalities and consequently inspire different makeup looks. How about making our own fragrances and soap? Yup, we did that too in our traditional soap-making and fragrance classes. The aroma’s were marvellous. 


The highlight of the trip was of course visiting the glorious Lavender fields of my dreams!  I couldn’t believe I was actually there smelling the lavender in the air, seeing the luscious purple fields with my own eyes. Magnifique! While there, we were given a style challenge to take a campaign-worthy photo of ourselves in the fields which reveal a hidden side of us in accordance with Lux’s motto, #MoreThanYouCanSee. Lux believes in celebrating the many layers women have, not simply just her looks. All the facets she possesses makes her who she is. 


I decided to wear a marigold coloured dress that not only represents the colours of Lux, but also a hidden side of me that not many people know. I am a huge sports fan, I grew up playing soccer competitively growing up and proudly support Liverpool FC. Plus, growing up I was the biggest Lakers fan! Yes, yellow paired with the purple lavender in the background signifies the Laker colours which consequently represents my love of sports! So, how do you think I did on the Lux style challenge? 


At the end of the day, the four day summit went by in a flash and before I knew it, it was sadly time to bid adieu.  So grateful for having taken this Lux lavender dreams trip. South of France, I will definitely be back!