Magic Boots

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Jakarta, Indonesia



The conclusion is in: There is something about wearing thigh-high boots that makes you feel so empowered, sexy, and capable of absolutely anything. 



I used to be that person who felt slightly silly to wear any kind of boots (let alone over the knee ones) out in public here at home. There’s this false idea that they are only appropriate to wear in sub degree weather. The past two years (past year specifically in Jakarta) have signified that that has all changed. Boots have taken over the market! These boots were made to walk…wherever and whenever the hell you want. SO MANY people I know are rocking this trend and I’m loving it. I have fully embraced my rights to sport what one might consider winter wear any day of the year because I can. And you can too! Whether they’re ankle boots, knee boots, or thigh-highs, like anything else in fashion, don’t let the fear of people not “getting it” stop you. Wear them because you love them.  



Don’t believe what I said about how empowering and sexy they make you feel?  Put a pair on, let them do their magic and be amazed.