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New York Fashion Week – Day 1

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New York Fashion Week. It is arguably the biggest time of the year for fashion. Top designers unveil exciting new collections for the entire globe to see. Ultimately, it’s an intoxicating time where celebrities, influencers, models, buyers, bloggers, stylists, editors, journalists come together and celebrate the best in fashion.


Now, you might be wondering, what’s the difference between New York Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a set of fashion shows that take place during New York Fashion Week that is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and produced by IMG. They say more than 100,000 people walk through MBFW, and I’m thrilled to say that, thanks to TRESemme, I was one of those fortunate enough to attend!


So what’s the big deal? As Mr. Jarred Clark, global director of production for IMG Fashion Events and Properties, puts it, “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is truly a barometer of what’s happening in the world. The fashions and trends seen on the runway have an influence to music, culture and the everyday life of people everywhere.”


Check out the shots below of my first look. 



nyfw1_1 nyfw1_2 nyfw1_3


What does a girl wear to her first time at New York Fashion Week? DKNY of course! I call this the “Drenched-in-New-York-Grey” look. I chose this monochrome checkered-grid drop waist dress from Donna Karan New York, A) for it’s cool and unique silhouette and B) it reminded me of what New York City basically is; a city of horizontal and vertical street lines that clash into one another on right angles, forming a grid. P.S, you’re going to notice throughout my next posts that I’m a huge fan of black and white!


Sticking to the monochrome theme, I accessorized the dress with a fun, white Manikan fringe bag. If you look closely, the bag itself features some exquisite endek fabric, so I’m happy I got a chance to bring a bit of my Indonesian heritage to New York!


I knew that I had to mix things up in the shoe department, so I went with a pair of baby blue strappy heels from Stradivarius. When working with black and white, it’s important to choose one accessory that goes against all that, preferably something that adds a pop of color. 


nyfw1_4 nyfw1_5 nyfw1_6 nyfw1_7


Fashion Week would not have been complete without these pretty ladies! Meet Bethany, Olivia and Regina; my fellow Indonesian fashion bloggers. 


nyfw1_8 nyfw1_9 nyfw1_10 nyfw1_11 nyfw1_12


There’s so much more to come! Stay tuned as I reveal my other NYFW looks, dish on what went down during the shows, and divulge all the E! access. :)