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Life happens. Rushing, finishing, running around trying to please a client, preparing that ultra important work presentation, attending those back-to-back meetings. I could go on and on. And it seemed as if, particularly during the end of the year season, the events, meetings and emails were endless!  


No matter if it’s in the beginning of the year, middle or end, we all know there comes an inevitable time when we can become a bit overwhelmed with our schedules, personal and professional relationships, and whatever else life may throw at us. And yes, sometimes we feel as if we simply don’t have time to take a break. A break? You think I have time for that? I barely have time to finish my work! It may seem counterintuitive, but when you catch yourself constantly rushing, it’s time to make the conscious decision to press pause.


This reason precisely is why we looked forward to going home for the Christmas and New Year period. And what better way to do that than to check into Bali Mandira and into their fabulous villas with the whole family to enjoy? Sleep, eat, swim, eat some more, repeat. It was SUCH a gloriously relaxing time. 


When it was sadly time to say goodbye to the wonderful staff and the special place that is Bali Mandira, it was equally glorious to be present at home and to reconnect with the people and simple pleasures we love the most. Mornings spent reading, helping mom in the kitchen baking, sometimes taking quick trips to the North of Bali for some adventure, afternoons spent catching up with friends over coffee, and ultimately, a lot of time was allocated for restaurant hopping, which inevitably included non-stop eating (to my absolute delight). In the end, taking a minute to stop always does us a whole world of good! Press pause to living in those incredibly precious moments, being able to breathe in and out in peace, not to mention maintaining your sanity and health. 


My point is, it’s important to remember to hit the brakes in order to move forward again (no matter how long or short). “Take a pause before it’s necessary”, is some good advice I’ve heard along the way. To illustrate this for example; thirst is an indication of dehydration, which means one feels thirsty after dehydration has started. In this case, we should learn to drink water long before we feel thirsty to prevent the start of dehydration. The same principle applies to pressing pause. Know when to recover before you crash and burn.


Life happens. And when life inevitably gets a little or overwhelmingly too much, know that it’s more than ok to press pause.