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Four months ago, we bought our very first home! After saving up for many years, it’s a huge milestone for us! We were incredibly lucky to find this particular house after TWO long years of searching. It’s so true what they say, good things come to those who wait! Patience and perserverance are key. As you can imagine as new homeowners, it’s been such a wild experience moving everything in and decorating the home exactly according to our style and aesthetic.

In this post, we focus on our living room, which is definitely one of our favorite rooms in the house. This is where we hangout with friends and family, chill and relax, watch Netflix, watch movies and just have an overall good time!

Something that we learned while decorating the living room is that accessories play a vital role in tying the whole look together. Trust us, decorating takes time, it is a process. Our living room did not look like this three months ago!! Zara Home is honestly one of the home decor stores that we truly love that definitely fit our style. They carry so many great accessories for the home that are chic and stylish, and we knew when we started decorating that one of the first stops would be to Zara home!

We chose a warm and neutral color palette for that super relaxing vibe. Everything in our living room is pretty neutral. For accent colors, we chose gold and a rich warm mustard yellow. It was important for us to make our couch as cozy as possible. We learned through this process that the easiest way to give personality to your couch is with pillows and throws or blankets. This is a great way to add texture and color. We have nice comfy pillows in three colors: white, crème and mustard yellow. For textures, we have velvet, knit and faux fur. After a super long day, we love to come sit on the couch and wrap ourselves in our warm cozy throw! Zara Home has a ton of options when it comes to throws, and we chose a light warm caramel one, which matches nicely with the carpet.

Speaking of the carpet, changing our carpet made a huge difference. It automatically brightens up the living room and we love the print, design and color of it. It has different shades of brown and a soft grey that ties everything together. And the size is perfect! Zara Home has different sizes for carpets, they have small and large and we chose a large one. So it’s great depending on what you’re looking for.

When it came to accessorizing our coffee table, we knew we wanted flowers and tons of candles. We chose to stay with our neutral color palette. We found great vases at Zara home with great shapes and textures. Also something about Zara home, they have so many options of room fragrances whether that’s room diffusers or candles and we stocked up on both!! We love the Jasmine scent, and that’s what we went with predominately throughout the house.

Another detail that we love is our super glam glass boxes – the perfect place to store our remote controllers for our AC and TV. Obviously these are multi-functional, up to you what you want to use them for. Jewelry, accessories, flowers, coasters, up to you!

When you step into the living room, another area that will catch your eye is our beautiful console and mirror that we had custom made. We chose to use our console to showcase personal photographs, favorite books, and even more flowers and candles. Again, going with the gold theme, we found beautiful gold frames from Zara home. The whole idea of interior design and decorating a home is to make sure that space represents you. That it looks and feels like you.  Personal photographs really add a special touch to any home. We love sprinkling the house with personal photographs of us, our travels, our family, our Liverpool tickets.  These are also great conversation starters!

That’s it guys! We had so much fun decorating our living room and we hope you found some interior design inspo for your own home! Which room of our #RahajengHome should we style next? ;)