Did you know that the world is on track to lose two-thirds of its wild animals by 2020? That’s right. Look it up. Every single day we are losing wild animals at a record-rate. We have a wildlife crisis in our hands. 


Sea turtles are one of those animals at risk. There’s a global need for sea turtle conservation. Due to a number of threats such as pollution, climate change, marine debris, and illegal poaching, there has been an alarming decline of their population. All seven species of marine turtles are now considered endangered. When we (Maria, David, Andra and I) heard about a foundation called Banyuwangi Sea Turtle foundation in East Java that is doing amazing work to combat this issue, we wanted to learn more. We flew to Banyuwangi to meet with the organisers and were blown away by their commitment and passion. Founder Mr. Wiyanto Haditanojo says that he started the foundation because of his love for sea turtles and also because he is more aware (now more than ever) that awareness among young people about the importance of sea turtle conservation is so important.


Banuwangi Sea Surtle Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organisation. Established in 2014, it saves thousands of sea turtle lives every year. They do this by rescuing sea turtle eggs that are laid on the shores of Banyuwangi beaches, that otherwise would have been taken and sold by poachers, or destroyed by predators. They take these eggs and place them in a secure man-made shelter where they reside for approximately 46 days until they hatch. After two weeks, they are released into the ocean. Honestly, the experience of releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean and knowing that you made a little difference in helping them survive was like anything I’ve ever done before! (Warning: the process can get very emotional so bring tissues!) 


One of the ways you guys can help is through purchasing a set of enamel pins worth Rp 125.000.  All funds go directly to funding the conservation programmes. Because it is a non-government organisation, they need all the help they can get! 


We came for the turtles, but we returned home with SO much more. We took with us a stronger awareness about endangered wild animals, and the understanding that so much good can be done if people come together for a common purpose. Unless we do something about it now, these beautiful animals will be erased from our planet forever.



Visit Banyuwangi Sea Turtle Foundation to learn more.