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Shibuya, Tokyo


Ferocious, relentless and compelling. The Shibuya Crossing is all of these things, and then some.


When the lights turn from red to green, you experience a roaring energy…you become aware of the sheer velocity of humans that surround you, then suddenly, like a body trapped inside a wave, you’re engulfed. And it’s in that moment you have no choice but to surrender and flow with the current—hypnotized to go whichever direction the swarm of people take you. 


Famously known as “The Scramble”, it is reportedly the busiest intersection on the planet (and a not-to-be-missed photo opportunity). Thank you, Mizuki, for perfectly capturing me inside the depths of this Shibuya wave.  



(Wardrobe: Ikat Indonesia Mentari16 Collection)




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Photos taken by: Sweet Escape