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You guys know how busy we’ve been these past couple of months. With so much traveling, handling multiple projects at once, and not to mention the launch of our book Becoming Unstoppable–we’ve had a lot on our plates lately! But amidst all this chaos, Maria and I know that there should be one shining constant: A good skincare routine. Ladies and gents, listen up! A good skincare routine will do you wonders. Why is it important to invest in one? Skincare is not only about looking good, it’s about staying healthy. By prioritising your skin, you’re prioritising your health. We feel like when you keep your health in check, it allows you to become a better, stronger, more confident version of yourself. And as any person will tell you, when you have healthy skin, it makes you feel fearless and unstoppable, like there’s nothing you can’t achieve. 


In the industry that we work in, Maria and I wear makeup almost every single day. So for us, one of the most important steps of our skincare regimen is CLEANSING! We actually love removing our makeup and rigorously cleaning our face after a long day. It’s honestly relaxing and feels like therapy. We’re those people that have a 30-minute skincare routine and refuse to go to sleep without doing it lol. But it never crossed our minds that we would ever need a facial cleansing brush until we found the holy grail.


If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that a few weeks ago we dropped by Sephora and both purchased the FOREO Luna mini 2 (it comes in 6 colors). It is a revolutionary ultra-gentle face brush. What it does is, through T-Sonic pulsations, removes 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus makeup residue and dead skin cells. After hearing so many amazing reviews from fellow beauty bloggers and friends, we thought, why not give it a try


We have been using it religiously every day, twice a day, morning and night. It’s very simple to use:


  1. Dampen your face with water and apply your favorite cleanser.
  2. Gently glide the Luna Mini 2 brush in circular motions over your face for 1 minute. 
  3. Rinse and dry your face then apply the rest of your skincare products as desired. 


Conclusion: It’s amazing!! After just a few times using it, we’ve seen and felt a huge difference. Compared to just washing with your hands, you notice how much the FOREO Luna mini 2 actually helps. WE ARE NOT KIDDING. The T-sonic technology is designed to penetrate deep in the layers of your skin for a strong cleansing. Our skin feels brighter, clearer, and more vibrant. Beyond that, it also helps to improve the absorption of your additional skincare products and restores skin’s natural radiance. We’re surprised to say this but, gone are the days of just using our hands to cleanse our face! 


Another thing we love about this tool is that it’s so lightweight! We bring it with us everywhere we travel, plus there’s no fuss when it comes to charging it. One charge typically lasts up to 450x usage, or 5 months at a time. If you’re worried about bacteria build up on the silicone, don’t worry. The incredible silicone material is what sets this cleansing brush apart. The ultra-hygienic medical silicone design resists the buildup of bacteria, which makes it 35x more hygienic then nylon-bristled facial brushes. 


Besides the FOREO LUNA mini 2, there are other FOREO beauty devices you can choose from. There’s the FOREO Luna 2, IRIS, and FOREO UFO–all available at Sephora. And! If you shop the FOREO UFO at Sephora Pondok Indah Mall, you’ll receive a free pouch with two sets of their UFO mask. 


The FOREO Luna mini 2 is truly an incredible tool (you know we wouldn’t rave about it if it didn’t actually work for us). If you try it, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!