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We set forth bright and early to a place we had never been before. A natural wonder that allowed our home’s beauty to shine the truest. Tibumana Waterfall is located half an hour from Ubud in the region of Bangli, and if you’re lucky, in those early hours you’ll have this gem all to yourself. Peace, solace, and comfort were found in the stillness of mother nature’s unwavering grace. 


We decided to drift away somewhat from the typical feel we love to exude in photo sessions like these and go for a more moody authentic vibe that ultimately showcases the unquestionable natural beauty of home. And who better to capture this than our good friends at Iluminen Bali. Friends from University, we’ve long been meaning to get together and work on something creatively. Finally, after a period of conflicting schedules, our stars collided. I’m so thrilled they have.


Hope you have enjoyed part I of III of our MariaElizXiluminen collaboration. Watch this space for more. 







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Photos taken by: ILUMINEN