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Style Guide: Ultimate Travel Essentials

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Hey ladies! Traveling is really fun and exciting, but packing can often times be stressful (especially for an individual like me who isn’t familiar with the term “packing light”).  I’m that girl who wants to bring everything she owns! Can anyone relate?


We all have those moments where we curse ourselves for not bringing a vital travel item, because let’s face it, not having the right gear with you is travel buzzkill.  That moment you spend hours sleeping on the plane and forget to bring mouthwash?  Or that moment your phone battery is drained and there’s no power bank in sight? Literally #MyWorstNightmare.


NO….just, NO. 


As someone who has her fair share of bouncing back and forth between Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, etc., here’s my ultimate travel essentials list. This list is my personal must-have items that I carry inside my bag at all times to ensure that I’m well prepared for any globe-trotting hitches. 


(In random order)


  1. Notebook: For when you want to jot down any thoughts or ideas. You could also use this as a travel diary! Right down all the memories/details you don’t want to forget. 
  2. Total Care Mouthwash: After sleeping for hours on a long flight, you need a good mouthwash on hand! Come on ladies, no one likes bad breath (this is such a pet peeve of mine)! Besides actually brushing your teeth, the fastest way to thoroughly clean your mouth and rid it of bacteria is with mouthwash. Total Care has a complete formula that maintains the health of not only the mouth, but gums and teeth as well. It’s a solution that provides long-lasting freshness throughout the day. I know how important this is so I make sure to always stock up! Another fun fact? This mouthwash is even deemed halal, or permissible to use for our Muslim friends. :) 
  3. Hand Sanitizer: I’m obsessed with having clean hands, all the time. I wash my hands CONSTANTLY. So when I’m on the go, hand sanitizer is crucial.
  4. Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Buttercup: Bring a nude-colored lipstick with you, it’s an appropriate color for all occasions.
  5. Face Moisturizer: The plan ride will dry out your skin, don’t forget to moisturize before and after the flight. 
  6. Eye Drops: My eyes easily get irritated, especially since I wear contact lenses.
  7. Earphones: Music, music, music. No brainer.
  8. Wallet: You’ll need dough, yo!
  9. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses: Comfortable shades are essential for any trip! 
  10. Lancome Mini Perfume: This mini perfume smells great and lasts for hours. 
  11. Lancome Body Lotion: When you travel, you’ll likely experience a difference in weather/temperatures. This will obviously effect you’re skin. No one likes to see see dry skin. Period. 
  12. Nivea Tinted Lip Balm:  My lips get easily dry, especially on flights. Moisturize not only your skin, but lips too. What’s great about this is that it’s tinted. So it leaves your lips hydrated with a nice natural shade. 
  13. Make Up For Ever Bronzer/Highlighter and Brush: This two-in-one bronzer and highlighter is a super convenient and effortless way to add color to your face after a long trip. 
  14. Hair Brush: Bad hair days are not allowed!
  15. MAC Pressed Powder: My all-time favorite powder, never out of the house without this. 
  16. Tony Moly Eyebrow Tattoo: Another favorite beauty product. So easy to apply, and lasts all day! 
  17. A good read: The Brave Ones by John Birmingham
  18. Marks & Spencer Hand Creme: Don’t forget your hands and nails when moisturizing! 
  19. Power Bank: If you’re a social media freak like me and are always on your phone…this is pretty self explanatory. 
  20. iPhone: Um, yeah. Duh.



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Good Luck!





Written By: Elizabeth




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