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Universal Studios Osaka, Japan


The world of a courageous lightening bolt-scarred wizard and his magnificent friends have forever changed our lives. From the moment Elizabeth and I got our hands on the very first book, we were under Harry’s spell. No joke, we’ve read ALL the books at least FIVE times each. Yes, we are Potter Heads and proud of it! It was always exhilarating to escape to the most magical world of wizardry and witchcraft. Can you believe it’s been 21 years since it first launched? Wow, I feel old!


The beloved books and films may have ended some time ago, but I am thrilled the magic still very much lives on in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™️ at Universal Studios Japan™️! Out of the different ‘worlds’ in the theme park, hands down this one takes the prize for our favourite. So happy we easily booked our tickets via KKDay ID (IG handle: @kkdayid) As we mentioned in our previous post about the benefits of purchasing online on KKDay is that we really saved a lot of time by not waiting in line for an entrance ticket. If you love being efficient and saving time (especially when you want to go on as many rides as possible), you might want to splurge on the “Express Pass”, which you can also purchase on the website. 


So, the story goes, we arrived at Hogsmead Village via the Hogwarts Express and literally our childhood dreams came true. It was surreal to step inside such an iconic setting and there was so many details to see and take in! Walking down the street, we saw iconic shops and cafes such as Zonko’s Joke Shop, Madam Puddifoot’s (where Harry and Cho had their first date), Ollivanders, Dervish and Bangs, and of course the Three Broomsticks to have a glass of Butterbeer – a sweet non-alcoholic beverage. This is A MUST. To me, the taste is similar to root beer except it’s a bit sweeter. Super delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day. You can even have a frozen one if you’d like. Bonus: They give you the butterbeer cup to keep! Oh, and it was the absolute cherry on top when we put on our Gryffindor robe and scarf!! We were the new twins in town. BYE Parvati and Padma! #winning 


Of course we’ve always fantasised about attending Hogwarts under House of Gryffindor no doubt, fighting He Who Shall Not be Named beside Harry and co. and flying high above  the stunning grounds of Hogwarts on our very own Hippogriff! And to our utter delight, those fantasies came true in the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction ride! It has received the honour of being the world’s number one ride for a very impressive 5 consecutive years for a reason. 


On this ride, we experienced the magic of Harry Potter not only visually but physically as well. The special effects were amazing – we felt the heat from the dragon’s fire, the excitement and wind in our hair chasing the golden snitch as our feet dangled in the air, the frightening coldness when face to face with Dementors, and of course the sheer jubilation when defeating Voldemort! Trust us, the 3D realism will take your breath away on this thrilling adventure! 


We would totally come back to have another glass of butterbeer and go on another Forbidden Journey. The magic really did awaken in us when stepping inside this amazing world. Cheers! Till we meet again Harry!