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Tokyo Calling

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Tokyo, Japan



Whenever you visit a foreign city, I highly recommend befriending a local, or two. I’m convinced seeing a city from a local’s perspective is the only way one can truly have an authentic traveling experience. And because Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolis, I had plenty to choose from. 


My photographer for this shoot, Mizuki from Sweet Escape, was not only a fantastic photographer, but an equally great tour guide. If you’re reading this, thank you for showing me around your beautiful city, and thank you for taking me to the loveliest secret rooftop in the heart of Omotesando. Truth be told, people aren’t actually allowed to have access to this rooftop, but the fact that we were mischievously going undercover and trying not to get caught while up there made it that much more exciting and memorable. #rebels


I owe you one. 



Outer and Tube Top Ikat Indonesia / Pants Love & FLair /Shoes Envelogy





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Photos taken by: Sweet Escape