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Busan, South Korea


So our previous post ended with our wonderful trip in Seoul. And as promised, this post is dedicated to our second leg of our South Korea trip with Indah Tour! After bidding farewell to the capital city, we boarded a high-speed KTX bullet train to our next destination: Busan. We booked our tickets here through Korail. Two and a half hours later we arrived at South Korea’s second largest city. Home to 3,5 million inhabitants, tourists and locals alike come to this port town for it’s beautiful beaches, killer sea food, mountains and temples. 


We kicked things off by heading straight to Gamcheon Cultural Village, which is about 30-45 minutes from the train station by bus. This area is known for it’s twisting alleys, steep streets, and is also nick named “Lego Village” for it’s boxy and colourful houses peppered with graffiti cascading through the hills. It’s quite a stunning sight to see. For a second you’ll even think you’re in Santorini or Positano! It’s definitely Busan’s most colourful and artistic location. 


We were so happy to find out that Sakura also bloomed in Busan. The next day we literally found a quiet random street and stopped by to take some shots. If we could, we would take photos of cherry blossoms all day err day! They’re so gorgeous, can you blame us?!


I mentioned beautiful beaches earlier. Take a peaceful stroll through Igidae Park located in the outskirts of the city for beautiful coastal views. In the distance you’ll see city high rises across the bay above striking blues of the ocean. Make sure to also check out the Oryukdo Skywalk in this area as well. The Skywalk is a 15 meter glass bridge situated on a 35 meter coastal cliff above the sea. It is made entirely of glass so visitors can see the cliff and ocean below them as they walk across the bridge. It’s a great photo op with beautiful panoramic city views and it’s free of charge! 


Unfortunately for Elizabeth and I, our trip in Busan was cut short as we had to fly back earlier than everyone else for another work trip. After our visit to the Skywalk, we had to bid farewell. Although cut short, we really enjoyed our time in this port town and would say it’s worth a visit. Here are other locations in Busan recommended by Indah Tour:


  • Ibagu 168 Step Village, Hinyeoul
  • Kkangtong Kukje Market
  • Nuri Maru APEC House, Busan Aquarium
  • Centum City, the biggest department store in the world
  • Yonggungsa Temple and Lotte Premium Outlet 


Gamsahamnida Korea for the wonderful memories! Until next time!