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Positano, Amalfi Coast


My first time in this beautiful part of Italy and I couldn’t wait to embark on my brief 3 night 4 day stay. I travelled with a friend of mine and we stayed in an Airbnb about 45 minutes from Naples International Airport in a town called Scafati. My first piece of advice, make sure your flight in Naples arrives well before 6 in the evening. This will give you plenty of time to travel to the train station in the heart of Naples and catch all the necessary trains/busses/transport to your intended destination, depending on where you plan on staying of course. 


My flight from Frankfurt to Naples was delayed a whopping three hours, so when I arrived at 9:30 pm, there were no longer any busses to the train station and when we did arrive at the train station, the train to Scafati had already left. This left us no choice but to take a taxi, which was quite expensive. (Don’t expect Uber in this part of town) 


From Naples International Airport to Positano, there are several means of transportation available. The easiest and most expensive would be to hire a private car. This would cost you around 100 Euros one way. There are also busses available that can be a viable option for you. For us, we opted to mainly take the main train line as it’s the most inexpensive and it travels through the town we were staying in. We divided our visit into two days; Pompeii and Naples for day 1 and Positano for day 2. 


For this post, I will mainly discuss how we travelled to Positano using the local train line. Please note that you will not be traveling in the national trains (to Milan, Rome, Venice etc.), but that you will be purchasing tickets for the regional Circumsuvia Train. When you enter the Naples Central Station, go straight downstairs. The local train tickets are to be found in the lower ground and not upstairs. (I wish someone had told me this as it was quite confusing at first!) As you make your way downstairs, turn left and follow the hallway until you find to your left the ticket desk for the Circumsuvia Train. If you wish to stop at Pompeii first before your trip to Positano, you’ll need to buy two tickets. One ticket to the Pompeii Scavi station (2.50 Euro) + one ticket from the Pompeii Scavi station to Sorento station (2.50 Euro). 


We spent about four hours in Pompei discovering the historical city and spent the rest of the day roaming and eating the best pizza in Naples. Now, back to our topic, Positano. From wherever you are, either Naples or Pompei, take the train towards Sorento. Keep in mind that this is a local train line and that there will be plenty of stops along the way. Plus, the trains will be packed with locals and tourists alike. If you’re like us and wish to take a day trip to Positano, make sure to take the earliest train around 6:30 am. The earlier the better. It will take around 30-45 minutes by train to Sorento and then an hour or so from Sorrento to Positano. 


Once you’ve arrived in Sorrento, go outside the train station and you’ll find busses that will take you directly to Positano. For us, we opted for an all day – two way bus ticket that cost 9 Euros. This will take you to and back from Positano. This we feel is the most convenient with busses making the journey every half hour. Brace yourself for the 1 hour bus ride as it will get extremely crowded and the journey may leave you a bit nauseous with the winding roads. Make sure you stop at Positano where you will walk along the sidewalk rail that will lead you down to the beach. Stunning views of the coastline will await you! 


We received advice from a friend to have afternoon tea or a cup of coffee at the Le Sirenuse Hotel with one of the best views of the shoreline. So glad that we did! It is a must. The hotel is absolutely stunning. And the views? Bellisima! Positano itself is really something out of a dream. Every corner is breathtaking. 


Once we arrived down at the main beach, Marina Grande, it was undeniably swarming with tourists. It was the middle of summer to be honest (July) +  the whether was simmering. We were given a tip to walk to one of the more peaceful and secluded beaches called Fornillo beach. From Positano Harbor we took a short 10 minute scenic walk between the sea and cliffs and soon enough we found this well-established favourite. 


In conclusion, if it isn’t already on your bucket list, Positano should definitely be on it! The travel down to the coast is well worth it and it’ll leave you planning a second trip before you even finish your first….