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Following last year’s success, TRESemmé once again held The Runway- one of the most highly anticipated runway events of the year. TRESemmé , the hair brand that helps women get salon gorgeous hair everyday, had an objective to give girls an amazing chance to make their modeling dreams a reality. 


Located at Senayan City on September 19, 2015, there were numerous prizes up for grabs, and thousands were up for the challenge. Girls ages 14-25 walked The Runway to compete not only for a modeling school scholarship but also to become the digital face of TRESemmé. And if that wasn’t enough, they received a once in a lifetime chance to catwalk among Asia’s Next Top Model season 3 finalists: Monika Maria, Aimme Cheng Bradshaw, Tahlia Raji, Rani Ramadhani, and even first ever Indonesian winner, Ayu Gani.


The thrilling experience revolved around TRESemmé’s motto for the competition this year, “Everyday is your runway.” This motto believes that every girl can have her own spotlight by walking on the biggest runway with ASNTM. It also is a saying that believes every woman deserves to be in the spotlight, and that for savvy style seekers, every moment is a moment to show the world their true potential. Therefore judges evaluated the girls not based on looks alone, but more so on how well they carried themselves through confidence. Treating life like a runway is all about walking with a little more umpf, carrying yourself with your chin up, and saying to yourself, “I got this”. What’s better than encouraging girls to navigate daily life with a positive attitude and self-confidence?


As a TRESemmé fashion influencer for this campaign, I was lucky enough to walk The Runway with other influencers such as Ana Octarina, Ayla Dimitri and Sasyachi. I had never walked a bigger runway; it nearly filled the entirety of Senayan City’s Atrium! 


I’ve now learned to treat the world as my runway…one good hair day at a time.



Written By: Elizabeth