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Since I often travel for work and love an exciting new adventure (whenever I have some precious time and leisure), I recently shared with Lotte Duty Free Indonesia a bit of insight when it comes to my ultimate traveling tips,  makeup must-haves, and untold stories from favourite traveling adventures.  



  • My Ultimate Traveling Tips:


–  Pack the night before so you don’t rush

–  Make a list and check it off before leaving

– Bring basic/classic pieces so you can easily mix and match and re-wear (ex. White button down shirt, black trousers, classic jeans etc.) 

– Go where the locals go: Meet local people and eat local food 

– Take lot’s of photos! These are moments you can capture and cherish for many years to come. Once you get your shot, put down your camera and enjoy the moment! 







  • Travel Destinations 


When I travel, I generally look for destinations in which I can have adventure but also have that ultimate relaxation time. I love traveling to local island destinations especially those neighboring Bali such as Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, Lombok etc. It’s nearby, not as crowded as Bali itself, and oh so relaxing!



le_pirate_3 le_pirate_6 menjangan_island_9



  • Travel makeup item must haves & tips 


When it comes to traveling and makeup, I always try to make it simple and pack only my essentials. This way, you travel light but you still feel you have all your makeup necessities. This includes my skin primer as it seals my pores and results in smoother makeup. The next item is my SCC Cream, which I like to call a multi-tasker item. It’s a foundation/concealer but also protects my skin with SPF 45. Other essentials include my MAC compact powder, black eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and my super important brow kit! If ever I forget something, I make sure to quickly stop by a Lotte Duty Free shop right before my flight. 


  • Inflight skincare routines


My inflight skincare routine is pretty simple. Since the air on flights is very dry, I make sure that I have no makeup on, I apply moisturizer on my face and lotion on my hands, and of course drink plenty of water throughout the flight.  



  • Traveling skincare routine


Taking care of my skin wherever I go is a must. It’s important for me to bring my oil makeup wipes (because I have very oily skin), daily face wash, and morning/night creams. It’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning and last thing before I go to bed! NEVER EVER go to bed with makeup on. That’s the worse thing you can do to irritate your skin. It needs to breathe, so please make sure your face is absolutely, super-duper clean before bed!



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  • Favorite traveling OOTD 


My favorite would have to be when I was in Switzerland in the winter. It was the morning after a full night of snowfall and I felt like I was literally in a winter wonderland. It’s funny because it was -13 degrees out and I somehow decided that pants, a thin top, a jacket, and heels would do. Needless to say, I ended up freezing my butt off (duh!). Oh the things I do for an OOTD shot!



stripes-2 stripes



  • Favorite travel destination so far 


Two years ago we had a family vacation and we attended Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican in Rome with Pope Francis himself. It was surreal to be with the ones you love, celebrating such an important moment in such a historical place like that.



DSCF9065 DSCF9158venice_photo_diary_23



  • Travel Destination Wish list: Flores, Cappadocia and Iceland!


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– MR