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I guess this was my edgy-biker-chic-with-a-preppy-twist look. The 90% black ensemble was saved by a classic white button down under a bejeweled necklace, ruby lips and a hat to match. By the way, I love how easy it is to upgrade any basic/boring outfit with a good biker jacket! Also, might I suggest that visiting Venice in 15cm heels is NOT, I repeat, not recommended under any usual circumstances, unless putting your feet through pure agony is your thing. Don’t worry, I took mine off exactly 15 minutes after these photos were taken. The streets are gorgeous, but uneven and cobbled throughout. And since you’ll be doing a lot of walking (Venice is considered to be the greatest pedestrian city on Earth), you should stick to the most comfortable pair of shoes you own.


Furthermore, I want to point out that that day was extra cold out. I vividly remember fingers and toes being numb from the bone-chilling temperatures and winds. But despite the brutality of the elements, Venice’s beauty surpassed it all. Nothing, it seemed, could hold back its unwavering character. Til’ we meet again, dear Venezia.











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